Randy Rayess HeadshotI have worked in venture capital, private equity and at startups in financial services, transaction processing and machine learning.

My cofounder, Pratham Mittal, and I found that many businesses are struggling in the digital world. Technology companies are finding it hard to hire great developers and non-tech businesses are having a lot of problems incorporating technology into their business. A key reason for this problem is that outsourcing software, managing remote and distributed engineering teams and hiring the best software developers full time or as freelancers is difficult. We started VenturePact.com to help businesses better address their tech needs.

Over the last few years we have met software consulting firms around the world (both onshore and offshore) and assessed their portfolio, their programmers, and their previous clients’ experiences. Based on their skill set, industry focus and pricing schemes, we connect companies with these trusted prescreened software development firms.

Another key area we have looked into is how companies can better innovate. The amazing growth in mobile adoption means that businesses have to rethink their entire marketing, sales, and product strategy. Today, customers have high expectations and businesses that do not accommodate them with great mobile experiences will be left behind.

I enjoy meeting and working with passionate people, playing sports, traveling and speaking. I usually speak about:

  • Entrepreneurship and Career Decisions
  • Remote work and Outsourcing
  • Tech Talent and Tech Hiring
  • Product Development and UIUX (User Interface and User Experience)
  • Marketplace startups
  • Technology trends such as mobile, video, Internet of Things, wearables, 3D printing, robotics, data science and blockchain innovations including digital currency

You can reach me at randy@venturepact.com.